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The Cannabis Business Minds show will take you inside the ins and outs of this brand new and exciting industry and provide you valuable business and career insight from leaders working in cannabis and CBD.  

Jul 16, 2020

We are one week away from dropping some serious knowledge that can impact your business and entrepreneurial journey in cannabis and hemp on Cannabis Business Minds. As we’re quickly approaching this live series, I want to make sure that your questions are asked so we can get them answered by our experts.

Here are some...

Jul 1, 2020

A great episode with industry veteran, entrepreneur, and game-changer Dr. Lakisha Jenkins. Dr. Lakisha Jenkins is paving the way for international cannabis reform and regulation and teaches us the importance of your message.  


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Jun 4, 2020

Your customer engagement and experience strategy is a strategy that allows you to stay competitive in today's market when new competitors and products are emerging daily. In this episode, we talk about the importance of customer engagement and building a strategy that will help you whether you are just starting...

Jun 4, 2020

Listen to Part 2 of the Consumer Trends Podcast!

Jun 3, 2020

As cannabis business minds, it's our duty to stand up for social justice and equity. Here are some resources that I wanted to share with you this week.


Please check out these resources:
Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black...