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The Cannabis Business Minds show will take you inside the ins and outs of this brand new and exciting industry and provide you valuable business and career insight from leaders working in cannabis and CBD.  

Jun 4, 2020

Your customer engagement and experience strategy is a strategy that allows you to stay competitive in today's market when new competitors and products are emerging daily. In this episode, we talk about the importance of customer engagement and building a strategy that will help you whether you are just starting your business or leading a team.

Things to think about:

  • How can you solidify your competitive advantage and stay
    stronger, remain or become a leader in your market, and expand your brand
  • Defining who your customer is both in demographics and psychographics.
  • Building an experience from marketing to sales that will leave the customer WOWed, empowered, and coming back for more. 

Customers are the center of our businesses - without them, we wouldn't exist. A huge part of this is your customer engagement strategy.

Want to improve your customer engagement, sales, and marketing strategy? Our mentorship program will build an effective strategy that leaves you, your team, and your customers feeling empowered!